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$39.95 USD

The incredible 4PC Dragon Throwing Stars is made from heavy, high grade stainless steel. This ninja star is forged and sharpened to have greater mass (the star weighs over 2 ounces) and supreme balance. This allows the 4 point shiruken to stick to targets in a deadlier fashion than smaller or lighter throwing stars.

This shiruken measures 4 inches across and all points are ground to a sharp edge and tip. To make carrying the star easier, it comes with a black ninja throwing star case with a belt loop. That way, you're less likely to cut yourself on your way to your assassination target.

4 Point Silver Throwing Star Highlights:

  • You Will Receive 4 Pieces
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 4 Sharpened points
  • Dragon On Blade
  • Size: Approximately 4 inches
  • Width: 2mm
  • Black Nylon Case with Belt Loop

Please check your State and local regulations before purchasing this weapon to make sure it is legal to be shipped to your area.