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$79.95 USD

The kris was traditionally a ceremonial dagger, one that could possess its own mystical presence, as well as strange powers. This Kris Dragon Dagger does not possess any magic, unfortunately, but it does have something of a great presence. This dragger draws its presence not from magic but from its amazingly detailed appearance. The blade is asymmetrical, possessing a wave shape that features jagged, serrated teeth on the back edge of the blade. Etched onto the stainless steel blade is also a black dragon design, adding a bit more style to an otherwise unadorned edge. The guard is an upward curling fin that features three slanted spikes on its top. The handle possesses a brown grip adorned with intricate designs, as well as a decorative pommel that depicts a roaring dragon head. The dagger is a little long, measuring approximately 24 inches in overall length, although kris daggers were typically longer than most medieval or European daggers. The kris knife also includes a wooden display stand that is perfect for showing off the dagger whenever you are not keeping it at your side. Call it what you will and use it how you want, but whether you use it as a mystical ritual item, a decorative display, or a wicked and awesome weapon, you will not be disappointed in the look and feel of this Kris Dragon Dagger.

Key Features:

  • Completely Decorative
  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Has a Distinctive, Wave-Styled Kris Blade
  • Features an Etched Dragon Design Down the Blades Length
  • Possesses an Intricate Dragon Pommel and Guard
  • Includes a Wooden Display Stand
  • A Fantastic Display Item or Costume Weapon
  • Superb As a Collectible or a Gift Idea