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The modern word caltrop is derived from a Latin word meaning "foot trap" and were used to slow down people and animals; It is said that they were particularly effective against the soft feet of camels! However, they now find use against inflatable tires and will easily pierce all but the sturdiest and thickest shoes.

Our Ninja Caltrop Tashibishi come in a pack of 10 that stacks together into an extremely compact bundle that is easy to carry and conceal. Each stainless steel caltrop measures 1.5 inches overall and has 4 spikes. Caltrop tashibishi are designed in such a way that however they land a razor sharp spike will always be pointed up. The matte black finish allows the caltrops to blend in, which is perfect to uphold the stealth element necessary for these pointy little weapons to do their job.

Ninja caltrops are easy to carry and conceal due to their small size. Just toss them into your pocket or bag and you're ready to go. Even better, using these weapons doesn't require any kind of special training; Smart placement and timing is all you really need for maximum effectiveness. Get yourself some caltrop tashibishi and save the grueling practice sessions for those other ninja gear you've been eyeing.

Ninja Caltrop Tashibishi Highlights:

  • Pack of 10 Caltrops
  • Measure 1.5 inches from point to point
  • Stainless Steel
  • Matte Black Finish
  • 4 Sharp Spikes
  • Easy to carry and conceal
  • Effective way to slow down pursuers
  • No special training required to use