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A Kubotan is used in several ways as a self-defense weapon. The weapon is usually held in the clenched fist in an ice-pick grip. It is then used to jab an assailant, targeting pressure points or bony, sensitive parts of the body. Kubotans are sometimes used in a forward grip and used in a stabbing motion. If attached to a heavy bunch of keys, a kubotan provides a handle to turn the keys into an effective flailing weapon.


When used as stabbing or jabbing weapon, a kubotan concentrates the pressure applied a small area. That’s what makes the weapon so effective. A sharp jab in the ribs with one of these weapons is painful enough to make an assailant pull back. If someone were to grab round the neck from behind, you could jab their hand with one to make them release their grip. The weapon can also be used to force fingers apart, and as a fist-load to make a punch more effective. Here’s a short video that explains how to use a kubotan.



Features: Steel Construction. Black Coating. Keyring

Measurements: 5.5" Length. .59" Diameter. 2.4oz.